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The Grandkids are Gone

The grandkids are gone

There’s holes in the yard

The floor needs a mop

And I am so “tard.”

The grandkids are gone

And I’m missing the hugs

The lizards and frogs

The jars and the bugs.

The grandkids are gone

And their parents are, too.

I can’t believe all

Of the work that they do.

The grandkids are gone

And my arms are bereft

Oh where are the kisses

And hugs that they left?

They’re here in my heart

They’re smeared on my face

They’re locked in my smile

And none can erase

The mem’ries we made

The horses we fed

The fish that we caught

The songs before bed.

The walks and the talks

The braiding of hair

The chocolate cake

and hearing their prayers.

And I’m counting the days

And wondering when

The Good Lord allows

Us to see them again.

The grandkids are gone

And I can’t hear a peep,

But the rumbles of love

In my heart never sleep.

Copyright 2019 by Kate Carpenter

You can find more poems on my Pinterest Page!
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