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Loved like Shell

I wore my shoes to walk the beach Crushing shells beneath my feet I liked the crackling sound they made Crunch crunch crunch, each footfall laid. Pausing, I picked up a shell Perhaps a rainbow? Who could tell? Kaleidoscope A spectrum true Every color, every hue Danced before my marveling eyes What a treasure! What a prize! I slipped it in my pocket And rubbed it with my thumb Chosen and now cherished I felt the comfort come. For though I’m one of zillions A nobody for certain. SomeOne Special picked me up, This shattered, broken person. He scrubbed me and He rubbed me, Made the hidden colors glow, Plunged me in an ocean Of His love and made me know If I’m rolling in the deep Or tossed onto the sand I’m loved like shell securely And I’m clasped in Jesus’ hand. Copyright 2019 by Kate Carpenter

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