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Auditioning for Mrs. Kate

Currently there are no auditioning opportunities. To be informed about future projects, please sign up for Mrs. Kate's newsletter.

Past Participants Comment:

Chloe Whaley
Crack a Book Video Team

I would just like you to know how honored and appreciative I am of being in this awesome video (Crack a Book). It was so fun and such a great bonding time and experience. I loved the chaperones and made new awesome friends. I also have had some amazing memories!  What happened was so amazing and fun and I enjoyed it so much. I am just so happy and blessed. Ever since I have heard of you I have been a fan of what you stand for and your music, and now that I'm a part of it, it is crazy in such a good way. And I know that this was God's plan and this whole time was such a blessing. So thank you so much Mrs. Kate, wish I could hug-a-bug a boo you but I will in my mind and heart. LOVE ya!! - Chloe

Joe & ​Sheila Dattoli, parents of Chase Dattoli
I Think I Can Vocal Team

Being a part of I Think I Can has been such a wonderful experience!  You are so kind to share your talent and knowledge with these kids along with helping them learn their strengths and many other great lessons along the way. 

Chase:  Thanks for the opportunity to be on the CD with you.  It was a really fun experience. I learned so much about music and teamwork. And none of this would have happened without you. 

Sara Villanova
Lightning Bug Lullabies Team Mom

Lauren had an amazing experience creating the Lightning Bug Lullaby CD with Mrs. Kate!  Each aspect of the project from the audition, rehearsals, recording and the CD release party allowed her to expand her horizons artistically.  She really enjoyed the team-building exercises!  Mrs. Kate lets her light shine, encouraging kids and families to be their best!

Mrs. Villanova later wrote:  I just wanted to share with you something amazing I've noticed since Lauren's experience singing with you.  As you may expect, the girl sings a the car, around the house, virtually everywhere.  But, since the Lightning Bug Lullabies recording she now frequently is creating the harmony part to everything she hears!  It's really fun to watch (and hear), but the thanks goes to you and Georgia Luedi (harmony coach) for the experience of finding harmony.  And, of course, thanks to God for giving her that amazing ear and voice!

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