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Sara Villanova, Lightning Bug Lullabies Team Mom:
Lauren had an amazing experience creating the Lightning Bug Lullaby CD
with Mrs. Kate!  Each aspect of the project from the audition, rehearsals,
recording and the CD release party allowed her to expand her horizons
artistically.  She really enjoyed the team-building exercises!  Mrs. Kate
lets her light shine, encouraging kids and families to be their best!


Mrs. Villanova later wrote:  "I just wanted to share with you something amazing I've noticed since Lauren's experience singing with you.  As you may expect, the girl sings a the car, around the house, virtually everywhere.  But, since the Lightning Bug Lullabies recording she now frequently is creating the harmony part to everything she hears!  It's really fun to watch (and hear), but the thanks goes to you and Georgia Luedi (harmony coach) for the experience of finding harmony.  And, of course, thanks to God for giving her that amazing ear and voice!"

Tav Van Antwerp, member of the NanaTunes Vocal Team:
"I didn't really have a song to audition, so we were practicing a song at my school and I decided to use it. At the end I felt like I made it. When I got picked I was dumbfounded and excited. Practices where a lot of fun and I loved the puppets. The recording sessions where long but worth it. Jamie was awesome and mellow, and I thank him and Mrs. Kate for letting me make an album. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! :)"

​From Tav's mom, Dustin Van Antwerp:
"What an exciting and incredible experience! While I wasn't at the recording practices or in the studio, I enjoyed the videos that Don sent me.  We had such a great time at the CD release party and concert. It was well done! We are so blessed to have been a part of it all. Thanks to you, and your amazing team of professionals. I could tell that you got some great energy flowing!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

From Donald Van Antwerp, Tav's dad:
Wow, I have to tell you, I enjoyed every minute of this experience. It was wonderful watching these talented kids perform, going from shy and reserved to joking around with each other and confident in their talents. Each child really brought out the personalities in each other, and I loved watching them interact with Mrs. Kate, Jamie and themselves. I've never been in a recording studio and it was a blast getting a front row seat from start to finish. Mrs. Kate did a fantastic job working with them. She was very patient and did a great job keeping them focused and on track. It's not easy dealing with six different personalities, but she was stern when needed and understanding as well. The finished product came out great and I hope it becomes a huge success. Good luck and thanks for the experience."

"Participating in the production of the "Passport To Power" CD was not only an incredible experience for our daughter Summer, but a rewarding one for our entire family. Mrs. Kate guided us all through the process of how a song goes from inspiration to creation, from practicing to perfection, recording, editing, final cuts and the ultimate goal of being part of a complete CD. It is never as easy as it seems, but the end result is truly worth the commitment. Throughout the months of practice and recording, Mrs. Kate was a wonderful role model and blessing not only to our daughter but to our family as well. Our lives are richer for the experience and the opportunity to be blessed and to bless others through music that will live on for years to come. If music and singing are your passion, we highly recommend you take a few months of your life to learn, be challenged, grow, and be blessed."
Rob and Jetta Schantz, Jacksonville Beach

“Our family absolutely TREASURES Will’s entire Mrs. Kate/Passport to Power experience. The whole process was fun and exciting for him and very well organized for us (his parents).. Will’s favorite part ?? He loves to show EVERYONE that he is on I-Tunes. ”                                  
​Sarah Shephard, Atlantic Beach, FL​
I am a parent of a Passport to Power Vocal Team member.  Abby was 7 years old, the youngest member.  Being on the team was a moving, powerful, and wonderful experience for both of us. This was her first time ever doing anything like this and Mrs. Kate made the journey a wonderful one for her. My daughter and I made new friends from all over the First Coast area.  This experience allowed my daughter to share her God-given talent of singing along with the world outside of our rural town. The rehearsals were fun, informative, and rewarding. Mrs. Kate made learning the songs easy for the students. Mrs. Kate planned games during the breaks. We also explored what it takes to make a CD; what inspired the songs; and got to know each other better
The teamwork among the parents was incredible as well.  Parents volunteered to help with transportation.  After one rehearsal, we had a potluck dinner, which allowed us to get acquainted with the other families involved.  Parent involvement allowed us to have a few rehearsals at a church in Jacksonville, and also provided for an amazing photo shoot for the CD cover. When we finally got to the recording phase, parents were allowed to take turns listening in on the kids and watching the producer do his work. I enjoyed eating lunch with the team families during our wonderful lunch breaks. After the hard work of recording had come to an end, my daughter and I didn't want to see it end, because of the love and friendship we felt becoming a part of the PTP family. That day was the saddest and happiest because the work was finished, but we had to say good-bye after several weeks of being together. This has been one of the greatest experiences that my family has had and hearing the final product, the Passport to Power CD, made the journey with Mrs. Kate a memorable one that my family will never forget.
Jerald & April Kight and family, Callahan, FL

As a member of the Passport to Power team, the experience was fun and good. At first I really didn't want to audition for the project, nor do it; but once I became a part of the PTP Vocal Team, I started to like it. Mrs. Kate was very nice and made the rehearsals fun and a learning adventure. The recording of PTP CD was fun and I had never done anything like this before. Making of the CD cover was fun too. This was my first time in hot air balloon and having the balloon lift up from the ground into the air for little while was exciting. Meeting and making new friends was great and the rehearsal break games were fun too. Overall my experience on the PTP Vocal Team was wonderful and one I will never forget.
Abby Kight, Callahan, FL

"It was an amazing experience to be a part of Passport to Power CD. I am so glad that I auditioned and made the team. If you love music, God , and singing this is an amazing opportunity for you!" 
Summer Schantz, Jacksonville Beach, FL
"Singing on the Passport to Power CD has made a huge difference in my life. Not only has it helped me as an artist, but also helped me grow as a person. It helped me grow spiritually and taught me many lessons about doing the right thing. Specifically, I love the song "Fruit Of The Spirit." 
Cortnie Frazier, Green Cove Springs, FL
"If you are auditioning for being on one of Mrs. Kate's CD's, you must practice all your songs all the time. Learning all of the words is not too hard because, if you practice a lot, you will remember the song very quickly. When you audition, try to have a song in mind, plus a karaoke version of that song. Also, you must not be afraid in singing in front of crowds!! During the rehearsals, you will be practicing the whole time in that period you have. In the recording studio, I do have to warn you though, but you will be cramped; but it's not too bad because you will only be there for a couple of days."
 Zack Yarborough, Orange Park, member of the Motivate with Mrs. Kate Vocal Team

"It’s a big commitment to record a CD. You have to really, really like singing. You have to practice….a lot. I was really excited when I got chosen. You have to listen to the songs over and over again and keep going over the lyrics. Sometimes I didn’t feel like practicing, but my mom would remind me that I had made a commitment to Mrs. Kate and so I would practice. We had a lot of rehearsals we went to for like 2 months, but Mrs. Kate gave us breaks and we got to play games. You also have to be willing to listen to Mrs. Kate during the rehearsals.  She also told us that there would be no attitudes allowed. She told us we were a team and we had to work together. When it was time to record the CD, we spent hours in a very small room, singing each song until we got it right. Sometimes I got a little tired, but Mrs. Kate kept us going and was so encouraging. Doing a CD with Mrs. Kate is all about teamwork and making music to entertain and teach other kids. I really enjoyed working on "Motivate with Mrs. Kate" and feel very thankful to Mrs. Kate for letting me be apart of it. It was a great experience."
Connor Blackley, Orange Park, member of the Motivate with Mrs. Kate Vocal Team

Hi, I'm Kyleigh Hill, and I was a part of the "Motivate with Mrs. Kate" vocal team. Here are my tips on how to prepare for your audition:  First, decide what song you want to sing.  Then, practice a lot.  I wanted to make sure I did my very best.  Anything you do, you should always give it your best.  The night before your audition, make sure that you get a good night sleep.  Eat something before you go. Always have water with you in case your throat gets dry.  At the audition, relax, be yourself and have fun.  Just do your very best and you will be great.
Again, I cannot stress enough that you have to practice a lot.  At the audition, when you are asked a question, think about it first before you answer.  Mrs. Kate is a great lady, and I love her a bunch. When you get to know her, you will too!!  Last, but definitely not least, PRAY!!! Always pray before you do anything! Ask God for His guidance, and also for wisdom to know what you should do.  He will always help you through!! So, get your applications in, and start practicing!!   Good Luck!!
Kyleigh Hill, Middleburg, member of the Motivate with Mrs. Kate Vocal Team

A Parent's Perspective:
Being a part of the vocal team with Mrs. Kate was a great experience for Kyleigh.  She worked hard to learn all the songs at home.  Then the kids had to adjust to the changes that were made in each song.  It took a great deal of teamwork to bring the CD together and have it sound as great as it does.  Kyleigh loved working with the other kids and getting to know each of them.  All six kids worked extremely well together, and interacting with Mrs. Kate was wonderful.  It was one of the best experiences that Kyleigh has had.  I would recommend any child being a part of one of Mrs. Kate's projects.
Karen Hill, parent, Middleburg
Joe & ​Sheila Dattoli, parents of Chase Dattoli, I Think I Can Vocal Team:
Being a part of I Think I Can has been such a wonderful experience!  You are so kind to share your talent and knowledge with these kids along with helping them learn their strengths and many other great lessons along the way. 
Chase:  Thanks for the opportunity to be on the CD with you.  It was a really fun experience.  I learned so much about music and teamwork. And none of this would have happened without you. 

Past Participants comment:

I would just like you to know how honored and appreciative I am of being in this awesome video (Crack a Book). It was so fun and such a great bonding time and experience. I loved the chaperones and made new awesome friends. I also have had some amazing memories!  What happened was so amazing and fun and I enjoyed it so much. I am just so happy and blessed. Ever since I have heard of you I have been a fan of what you stand for and your music, and now that I'm a part of it, it is crazy in such a good way. And I know that this was God's plan and this whole time was such a blessing. So thank you so much Mrs.Kate, wish I could hug-a-bug a boo you but I will in my mind and heart. LOVE ya!!- Chloe

Chloe Whaley of the

Crack a Book Video Team