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Red Ribbon Week Programs

Looking for an assembly program for your elementary school students for Red Ribbon Week?  Invite Mrs. Kate to motivate your students to remain drug, alcohol and tobacco/vape free!  Mrs. Kate is passionate about sharing the joy and benefit of a healthy lifestyle choices with students. In this musical, interactive program, "Mrs. Kate" uses original songs with guitar, puppetry, and riveting storytelling to draw the students into her dynamic message.

Program length: 45 minutes to one hour.

  • Approved by the Duval County School Board's Heath Advisory Council

  • Parents' Choice Award Winner


Your students will learn:

  • The difference between prescription, over-the-counter and illegal drugs & the laws governing them

  • How to say NO to harmful substances

  • How to choose friends wisely

  • How to listen to the voice of your conscience

  • Why they should not experiment with drugs, alcohol and tobacco products

  • The benefits of a substance-free lifestyle

  • The importance of exercise

  • Hugs are better than drugs!

Program Content:

Mrs. Kate establishes rapport with the students with "Give Me a Smile."  She compliments the children on their nice white teeth and ask them what color their teeth would be if they smoked cigarettes.  They all holler out, "Yellow!"  Then the students are introduced to the whimsical puppet, Reggie Raccoon with "Coon in the Can." Reggie lives in a garbage can and he eats garbage.  Mrs. Kate explains to the kids that they are smarter than raccoons and they are too smart to put

harmful things into their bodies. Reggie tells them the three kinds of garbage that will hurt their bodies: illegal drugs, alcohol and cigarettes.

D - R - U - G - S ? Never! is the next segment. "Are all drugs bad?"  They learn the difference between legal drugs and illegal drugs. They learn what a prescription is and looks like with an effective visual aid.  They are warned that it is against the law to take someone else's prescription. The students are cautioned about deceptive drug dealer tactics and are impacted with awful guilty feelings they'll get if they use illegal drugs. Mrs. Kate ends on a positive note, "G is for good if you never will start; S is for sure of the right thing to do."


"How do I know if something is right or wrong?"  is the springboard question for the next segment, "Hey There, Little Conscience." Mrs. Kate explains what the conscience is and how it works.  An oral "group quiz" is given with 4 questions to help them with discernment. "Pick a Pal" teaches the children how important it is to choose their friends wisely. Mrs. Kate explains guilt by association:  Don't hang around with people who are doing bad stuff because you could be arrested. It is hard to get a job when you have a police record.


"I Like Bein' Clean". Boys and girls have separate parts in this song, which concludes with the stage helpers declaring the dreams they can achieve if they stay drug-free.  By the end of this song, the kids are pumped up and singing along fervently.  Mrs. Kate concludes with a "hugs are better than drugs" message in a joyful family song, "Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo."  The kids learn actions to this song and heartily join in singing.


Kids see Mrs. Kate as a role model.  One student at Gregory Drive Elementary wrote, "That's what I'll probably be when I grow up - just like her!" 

"I highly recommend bringing “Mrs. Kate” to your school.  She is energetic, enthusiastic, informative, and just plain fun.  "Mrs. Kate" is probably the most animated singer / entertainer I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing.  Her messages are clear and to the point.  “Mrs. Kate” performed at my elementary school during Red Ribbon Week, and she was fantastic.  All of my students, (from our Pre-K students to our 5th graders), were engaged for the entire one hour show. They are still singing “Mrs. Kate’s” songs, days after the show took place.  Teachers are still thanking me for bringing such a great show to our school.  I plan to play “Mrs. Kate’s” motivational songs during our “Morning Announcements” every chance I get.  Do yourself and your students a favor, and bring this wonderful, talented woman to perform at your school."

- Sherry Sommers, School Counselor, Hogan Spring Glen Elementary, Jacksonville , Florida


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