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Make your classroom “come alive” with puppetry, storytelling and sing-a-long fun. 
In this hands-on workshop, “Mrs. Kate” will inspire and train participants to practice “on-the-spot creative thought,” enhancing teacher/student interaction and communication.
In this workshop:  You will learn how to use different voices to make your teaching more interesting.  We will explore sing-a-long, rhyming and repetitive strategies for learning. You will practice creating actions for songs.  You will learn how to use concrete objects for tactile exercises that will foster communication. You will learn how to ask specific, open-ended questions.  You will discover ways to use puppets for various purposes in the classroom.  You will practice storytelling techniques using “on-the-spot creative thought.”  Question and answer time at close.
Time needed for workshop:  2 hours (An abbreviated version is available for limited time slots.)
Special Equipment needed:  White Board & markers, 2 long tables
Ideal class size:  20 participants
Cost:  Call for a quote (904-879-9155)


Mrs. Kate guides the creative process of your students as they write their very own song as group.
In this workshop, students will brainstorm and select a title for their song.  Mrs. Kate will coach participants through selecting a title, creating a memorable hook, and writing verses.  Students will learn about song structure, rhyme and meter.  Accompanied by Mrs. Kate on the guitar, students will perform and record their song at the end of the seminar.

Time needed for workshop:  2 hours
Ideal class size: 20 participants
Special Equipment needed:  White Board & markers, someone with camera to video tape performance of song
Cost: Call for a quote (904-879-9155)


In this songwriting seminar for adults, Mrs. Kate will motivate and inspire beginning  and intermediate level songwriters to take positive steps of growth as they develop their talent. Writing a good song is like baking a savory loaf of homemade bread.  In this two-hour, hands-on workshop, you’ll learn the essential ingredients of a well-crafted song, and how to mix them together to create a “yummy” tune that’s a treat to the ears.  You’ll “get your hands in the dough” with exercises designed to stimulate creativity.  Participants will explore ways to share their talents with an ever-widening audience.  Question and answer time at end.

Materials needed:  Pencil and paper, your musical instrument (optional)
Time needed for workshop:  2 hours
Ideal class size:  30
Cost: Call for a quote (904-879-9155)


“Mrs. Kate held a workshop for the teaching staff of our preschool. She was full of energy, ideas, and enthusiasm! Mrs. Kate’s workshop was very interactive and kept all of our interest for the full 2 hours. We came away with many new ideas for our classrooms and would love to have her back at our school at some point in the future.”
Cindy Kirby, director, Learning Ladders Preschool, Jacksonville, FL

"Many of us have hidden aspirations to write a song. Mrs. Kate has a method to allow what's inside us to come out in rhythm and rhyme. She compares 'giving rise to your talent" with the baking of bread in this fun, facilitative workshop. Nothing better to inspire a person to creativity than the 'aroma' her workshop creates. I think everyone should give it a try!"
​Kathy Luethje, Bloomington, IN

​From the teachers at Learning Ladders Preschool, Jacksonville, FL:

Mrs. Kate's workshop helped me to:  "be more creative.....relax and be silly...sing with my class...think
of different ways to tell a to children differently...use puppets more more
excited about interacting with the children...let go of my inhibitions.

"Mrs. Kate gave us ideas that we can actually use."
"Singing Rounds" Workshop at the 2016 Florida Folk Festival
"What fun I had at your workshop!  It was the most joyfully and instantly interactive music workshop I've ever participated in. You were the perfect facilitator!"
 Cheryl Belanger, Simple Gifts, Tampa, FL
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