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Like a bowlful of colorful marbles, Marvel is a collection of unique songs by Mrs. Kate. Where else are you going to find tunes about chocolate and pickleball? Smartphones and bounce houses? Hiking and litter? God ruling your thought life? Let Your Heart Live Forever and All of my Friends are Dead? Here's your ticket to the crazy world of Mrs. Kate! Fasten your seatbelt and get ready to Root, Little Piggy!

  1. The Chocolate Song

  2. Root Little Piggy

  3. The Pickleball Song K

  4. I'm a Hoosier

  5. Let Your Heart Live Forever

  6. Eyes on Jesus

  7. Thought Life Victory Song

  8. Every Good Thing Bestowed

  9. Holy Spirit Blow Me Down

  10. Litter Stinks

  11. Google It - The Smart Phone Song

  12. Delete Delete Delete - A Computer & Email Song

  13. Bounce House

  14. Made in China

  15. The Pickleball Song L

  16. Bushwhacking Blues

  17. All of My Friends are Dead

I Think I Can


All aboard! Hop on the train with “Mrs. Kate” Carpenter as she and her young singers present 12 catchy songs for kids. Your children will learn to stay on track and use their time wisely, working hard at doing their best. They’ll be encouraged to reach out in friendship to the lonely with kindness and courage. Mrs. Kate inspires youngsters to get outside and exercise! Parents and children together will chuckle at fun tunes about keeping your room clean and (not) whining or forgetting stuff. Your kids will gain valuable lessons about tolerance and resolving conflict as they sing along with Mrs. Kate. Another character-building classic from Indiana’s dynamic motivator of children.

  1. I Think I Can

  2. Let's Exercise

  3. Be a Friend

  4. Forgetful Ned

  5. Time Is a Gift

  6. Metamorphosis (The Butterfly Song)

  7. When Mama Says No

  8. Mothers of Messy Kids, Unite!

  9. Whine, Whine, Whine

  10. Someday You're Gonna Be

  11. No Two Alike

  12. Be a Doer

Lightning Bug Lullabies


Soothe your child to sleep with this cozy collection of original lullabies. From Jammies to Close Your Eyes, these 12 songs are perfect for bedtime. Peace, love and security will surround your little ones as they enter dreamland with Mrs. Kate.

  1. Jammies (The Pajamas Song)

  2. Rockabye Baby Safe

  3. Lightning Bug Lullaby

  4. I Love My Home

  5. Nap time

  6. Sleep in Peace

  7. Children, Obey Your Parents

  8. A Heart of Wisdom

  9. Fruit of the Spirit

  10. Soothe Me Softly

  11. Out of the Mouths of Babes

  12. Close Your Eyes



Songs that Teach, Tickle, and Touch the Heart………NanaTunes!
From Picky Eaters to Potty Training, Beach-walking to Birdwatching, here are 14 tunes for grandparents to enjoy with their grandkids. Moms and dads will be delighted with Mrs. Kate’s emphasis on good manners and orderliness. Laughing one moment, and being lulled to sleep in the next, NanaTunes is your family’s next musical treasure.

  1. Mangia

  2. Chicken in the Pan

  3. The Picky Eater Song 

  4. Habit the Rabbit

  5. Manners Rap

  6. Orderly and Organized

  7. Wanda the Wiper

  8. The Potty Training Song

  9. Talk to Nana

  10. Colibri (The Hummingbird Song)

  11. Bird on the Beach

  12. Painted Bunting

  13. Soothe Me Softly

  14. Nothin’ I can do about the Wrinkles

Motivate with Mrs. Kate


Captivate your kids’ attention as they sing along the zippy, character-building tunes on “Motivate with Mrs. Kate!” Here’s a FUN way to teach your children cheerful attitudes, kind behavior, and healthy lifestyle choices. Plant a song seed in the mind of a child and watch it grow as your youngster mimics Mrs. Kate. Soon they’ll internalize the importance of reading good books, choosing friends wisely, and respecting the differences of others. They’ll learn cooperation, determination and self-control. They’ll want to graduate from high school drug-free. Hugs, hard work and heroes with integrity are hailed with passionate kid-friendly fun, including those famous “Mrs. Kate” sound effects!

  1. Give Me a Smile

  2. Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo

  3. Crack a Book

  4. Don’t Push in Line

  5. Recycle Michael

  6. Teamwork

  7. Learn to Finish What You Start

  8. Hey There, Little Conscience'

  9. Pick a Pal

  10. Drugs? Never

  11. Bein’ Clean

  12. I Will be Kind (spoken word)

  13.  I will be Kind (song)

  14. Hero in my Eyes

Florida Family Folksongs


Florida Family Folksongs will tunefully transport you to the Sunshine State in a flash! You’ll experience Florida thunderstorms, birds, gators, and swamp, as you sing along with Mrs. Kate and her delightful choristers. Take a countrified drive down Highway 301 and buy a bag of Hot Boiled Peanuts; then hear how Florida Kids sing Jingle Bells. The CD’s finale will mellow your mood, with stress-relieving Takin’ Enough Time and sweet-smelling Honeysuckle. The riveting song/story combination of She Still Sings, will grip you as the mockingbird tells the story of 9/11. A Florida classic, appealing to all ages.

  1. Livin' in Okefenokee

  2. Hey Little Scrub Jay

  3. Anhinga

  4. Hot Boiled Peanuts

  5. Jessamine

  6. Florida Rain

  7. Coon in the Can

  8. Florida Sunshine

  9. Florida Kids Jingle Bells

  10. Honeysuckle

  11. Takin' Enough Time

  12. She Still Sings (story)

  13. She Still Sings (song)

Passport to Power


Put on your flight suit, adjust your goggles, and hop in the airplane along with “Mrs. Kate” for a power-packed journey to the Kingdom of God. You and your kids will soon be singing along to these 13 original, catchy tunes, which will help you to understand how God’s power is at work in your life, in the world, and in our relationships. Your kids will learn about spiritual warfare and how to put on the "Armor of God." They'll learn how mighty Jesus Christ is as they sing "Pow Pow Pow" and watch the enemy fall under His power. Kids will learn how to deal with bullies and their fears in the "Fearsome Blues." They'll gain a deeper respect and love for the Bible as they sing "Eatin' Up the Word." They'll be motivated to share their faith as they learn "Great Commission" and "I'll Take a Step." "My Treasure" and "Fruit of the Spirit" are songs you'll love to hear your kids sing around the house, or in church as special music. "I Spy, You Spy" and "Secret Agent 4 Jesus" are Christian Spy songs that totally rock. "One and Only God" is island-beat worship at its childlike best. "Passport to Power" is sure to become a family favorite, not just for the kids in your life, but for parents, too!

  1. Passport to Power

  2. Flow Power Flow

  3. Secret Agent 4 Jesus

  4. Armor of God

  5. I'll take a Step

  6. Fearsome Blues

  7. I Spy, You Spy

  8. Pow! Pow! Pow!

  9. One and Only God

  10. Eatin' Up the Word

  11. My Treasure

  12. Fruit of the Spirit

  13. Tracks 14-26 Instrumental Tracks for Performance

Gotta Be a Doer


A fresh, original collection of scripture-based songs for kids. Gotta Be a Doer will inspire you to be a doer of the Word, not just a listen-to-er! Bible-based and character-building, these tunes will motivate you and your family to love and obey God more than ever before. The most popular song on this album is the wacky Books of the Bible tune. Even 2 year olds will be reciting all 66 in a matter of days. A Christian Kids Classic! (Actions for twelve of the songs are featured on my YouTube Channel.)

  1. Lord, This is Your Day

  2. I Know That the Lord is Great

  3. Down Under

  4. Books of the Bible

  5. Finish What You Start

  6. Children, Obey

  7. Walk in it

  8. Gotta Be a Doer

  9. Bein' Clean

  10. Heart of Wisdom

  11. Single Mind

  12. He is Lord of Lords

  13. Love Your Enemies

  14. Lullaby for Sydney

  15. Choose

  16. La La Life!

  17. America's Heart

Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo LIVE!


Mrs. Kate’s one and only LIVE album, complete with songs, stories and laughter. You’ll find songs that tickle your funny bone and warm your heart.

  1. Give Me a Smile

  2. Video Nut

  3. Crack a Book

  4. Nana

  5. Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo

  6. Time with You

  7. Ode to Leftovers

  8. Mothers of Teenagers, Unite!

  9. Who Put a Toothpick in my Waterbed?

  10. Bifocal Blues

  11. Do It Again

Armadillo - Songs for Children


An eclectic parade of 17 original and appealing folk and spiritual songs, ranging from a wiggly loose tooth tune, to a wild family armadillo hunt. Includes heartwarming songs for Mother’s and Father’s Day, melodies of praise, lullaby, and laughter. As they listen to Armadillo, your youngsters will grow in their love and appreciation for God, home, and parents. Positive values such as kindness and telling the truth are also encouraged. 45 minutes of rollicking fun with Mrs. Kate! Released in 1996

  1. The Tooth Song

  2. Kid's Shoe Song

  3. Cough, Burp, Sneeze

  4. The Mommy Song

  5. Daddy-O

  6. Home is the Place

  7. Thine is the Day

  8. Baby Nap Song

  9. Armadillo

  10. Recycle Michael

  11. Thrift Store Song

  12. Don't Push in Line

  13. New Creation

  14. Tell the Truth

  15. Morning Praise Song

  16. God Always Keeps His Promises

  17. Send Me, Lord

Porch Swing


If you're looking for a fascinating folk listening experience, stream Porch Swing! Kick back and imagine yourself rocking on "Mrs. Kate's" Porch Swing and listening to the musical story of her life as a country pastor's wife. You'll laugh at "Lima Beans" and learn to save on your food bill. Wince and whine along with "Why are there Fire Ants?" Warm up to the special relationship between husband and wife in "Faithful, Always Faithful." Chuckle at the "Preacher's Wife Blues" and nod for a snooze during the "Nap Song." Quilters enjoy "The Old Sew and Sew," and bakers will revel in "Homemade Bread." Moms rejoice in "Joy to be a Mother" and seniors find comfort in "Clean Old Men." The craziest song of all is "The Plague", a scary song about your child getting head lice at school. Songwriters don't come much wackier than Mrs. Kate, but she'll warm your heart, too!

  1. Rocking Chair

  2. Old Sew and Sew

  3. Lima Beans

  4. Homemade Bread

  5. Joy to be a Mother

  6. The Nap Song

  7. Porch Swing

  8. The Plague (head lice)

  9. Clean Old Men

  10. Why are there Fire Ants?

  11. Preacher's Wife Blues

  12. Faithful, Always Faithful

Little Sheep


A refreshing collection of scripture, folk and gospel songs, appealing to children and adults. “Mrs. Kate” invites you to her peaceful pasture with “Little Sheep,” inspired by Psalm 23. Check out the munchkin voices in “Who Can Stand Before His Cold?” Sit by the bedside of the “Sweet Little Gray-haired Lady,” or cry with the missionary who’s missing her kids at boarding school. Learn what The Book of Proverbs has to say about lazy folks in “The Sluggard Song.” Be edified with scripture-soaked songs “Apart from Me,” “Be Content,” “Green Olive Tree,” and “Faithful Servant.” Laugh a little with “The Shoe Song” (Does God really throw His?) and croon along country-style with “Squeeze In” and “Country Christians.” Tranquility will seep into your spirit as you praise God along with “I See a Star” and “Sitting on a Hillside.” Simply produced, these vintage tunes (1994) have stood the test of time and will be a tasty addition to the music you munch in your mind.

  1. I See a Star

  2. Squeeze In

  3. Faithful Servant

  4. The Sluggard Song

  5. Who Can Stand Before His Cold?

  6. Be Content (Hebrews 13:5)

  7. Song of the Missionary

  8. Little Sheep

  9. The Shoe Song

  10. Sweet Little Gray-Haired Lady

  11. Country Christians

  12. Apart from Me

  13. Green Olive Tree

  14. Sitting on a Hillside

Front Burner


Mrs. Kate's first album (1994). A must-listen for faithful fans. When she decided to take her music off the back burner, the title was perfect for what she was stirring up on her musical stove. She gets things cookin’ Christian-country style with “Two are Better than One,” “There’s a Kingdom,” and “ I Know Someone Who Knows.” Your stomach will growl along with the poor kids in “Feed Me, I’m Hungry,” but you’ll be counting your blessings with “Thank You, Jesus.” “The Sword Song” artfully combines several verses about the powerful Word of God, and “Philippians 4:8” will help your mind to dwell on the good things. Two classic ‘body of Christ’ songs included in this collection are “Look at all the Family” and “The Farewell Song.” “Colossians 2:9-10” exalts the Lord Jesus and leaves you wishing for more. Explore the earlier days of Mrs. Kate's songwriting...vintage Christian folk music at its best.

  1. Two Hands To Work

  2. Look at All the Family

  3. The Sword Song

  4. Two are Better than One

  5. Philippians 4:8

  6. Thank You Jesus

  7. I Know Someone Who Knows

  8. Feed Me, I'm Hungry

  9. There's a Kingdom

  10. Colossians 2:9-10

  11. The Farewell Song

I Think I Can
Lightning Bug Lullabies
Gotta Be a Doer
Porch Swing
Litte Sheep
Front Burner
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