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Meet Mark Pederson, fingerstyle guitarist

Following 3 years of soaking up as much music theory as humanly possible from Book 1 piano lessons, Mark picked up the guitar and the ‘rest is history’ as they say. He had the privilege of taking fingerstyle guitar lessons from his infamous uncle, the late Jack Pearson of Minneapolis, MN. Jack’s 60’s, 70’s, folk and every type of unique musical influence found a residence in Mark’s soul. The relationship between teacher and student went on long beyond the 3 years of lessons that built a foundation of guitar theory, song writing, strumming technique and fingerpicking genius. Many a family gathering included the two guitarists alone in the corner of a living room sharing their latest musical joys with one another.

Over the years, Mark has used his guitar to either participate in or lead worship at several churches. He performed a benefit concert while living in Paris, France. He played many Community Jazz Thursday nights at the Kingdom in Marion, Indiana. From time to time, he has played as a friend in Brannon & Gloria Hancock’s Italics and Friends group. And, of course, he plays for pleasure nearly every day of the week.

During the pandemic, the “Mark’s Guitar Café” YouTube channel was birthed. It begs to be finished to honestly showcase the vast amount of music in his repertoire – folk, oldies, jazz, classical, blues, pop, Irish ditties, and the occasional song written by Mark. (Perhaps a good retirement project one day.)

Mark says that “Music is a gift and a language, and is meant to be shared with others.”

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