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Brooke the Magic Roadie Returns!

Way back in 2012 I met an enthusiastic 12 year old girl at the Callahan, FL Public Library. Her name was Brooke Davis, the oldest of 6 home-schooled children. Brooke started helping me by being an action leader in my shows, and her talents as a performer began to shine!

Brooke and I had a special connection. At that time, my roadie, Rachel, was "retiring" and I needed a new helper to hit the road with me...a 7 state tour up to Indiana! Brooke had never even been to a sleepover, but her parents prayed about it and agreed to let their daughter tour with me. That was the genesis

of 5 years of fun gigs and tours that took us all over the Southeast. Brooke was growing, gaining experience and confidence as she performed with me. I'd finish a show and fans remark with gusto, "Boy, your roadie is GOOD!"

On a Tampa tour, we stayed with my folkie friends, Ray and Cheryl Belanger. They gifted Brooke with an autoharp, which she quickly mastered, and began writing her own songs. Brooke and I shared so many adventures. I nicknamed her "Brooke the Magic Roadie," because when Brooke is performing, magic happens.

Brooke loves Jesus and kids. Early on, God put a call on her life to serve as a missionary in Bolivia.

Now that she's 24, that dream is becoming a reality. Brooke commences her language study in Costa Rica this May, and will soon be serving at an orphanage in Bolivia for needy children for a year.

Knowing that Brooke and I had this special relationship, her boyfriend Jonathan concocted a secret plan to get me and Brooke together again. Months in the planning, we agreed to hide in a restaurant booth in Dollywood, TN. Brooke approached the table and we popped up. SURPRISE! She was happily flabbergasted! We spent the next 2 hours reminiscing, telling stories, singing snatches of songs and acting a little crazy (which we're famous for). I thank God I got to see my special friend again.

I made Brooke a little quilt to encourage her in her new adventure serving God. I am committed to pray for her and cheer her on as she fulfills the calling the Lord Jesus has on her life! Will you pray for her too?

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1 Comment

What a lovely happy story about you and Brooke!

Life is full of surprises and that was one you will both treasure!

You can look forward to your next hook up when more eventful, water has passed beneath both your bridges!

Cheers Kate!

Warmly, Jim

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