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From Picky Eaters to Potty Training, Beach-walking to Birdwatching, here are 14 songs for grandparents to enjoy with their grandkids.  Moms and dads will be delighted with Mrs. Kate’s emphasis on good manners and orderliness.  Laughing one moment, and being lulled to sleep in the next, NanaTunes is your family’s next musical treasure.

NanaTunes CD

  • "Do yourself a favor. If you have kids or grandkids in your life, buy this CD! You'll appreciate the messages of family and love which are its central themes. If you're a teacher, Mrs. Kate's emphasis on manners and good behavior makes this a great CD for the classroom. We all need food for our souls to keep our spirits strong and right. This CD fits the bill. Like a good feast, there are many dishes here to taste, many pleasures that await the palate. Mrs. Kate serves up a pot full of love and a celebration of family." Ron Johnson, Florida Times Union, Jacksonville, FL

    "You should be on Broadway!" Pat Wiedenman, Lakeland, FL

    "Get comfy, snuggling a kid or two, and experience ”NanaTunes” for yourself!" Gini Griffin, Jacksonville, FL

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