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Nobody motivates quite like Mrs. Kate!  Your kids will begin with a grin as they sing along with "Give Me a Smile" and learn to work together cooperatively with "Teamwork."  They'll be reading and recycling, while learning to be kind and make healthy lifestyle choices. Determination, self-control, kindness, and choosing friends wisely, "Motivate" covers it all.   "Hero in my Eyes"  humbly elevates teachers, parents and mentors, the everyday examples that kids are looking up to.  A character-building classic, these songs are being used in public and private schools nationwide.

Motivate with Mrs. Kate CD

  • "Extremely professionally done! This reminds me of something that I'd hear on Sesame Street, with major bucks behind the project. I liked "Teamwork" and "Hero In My Eyes" The kids were just outstanding. Such catchy lyrics and powerful messages and vocals that are simultaneously uplifting yet soothing."
    Marcille Wallis, Celtic Heritage Productions

    "You are so dynamic! I purchased Motivate with Mrs. Kate" and we listen to it to and from school and everywhere else we go. At the beginning of each song, I hear my daughter say, "This is my favorite song!" It is so cute. Each song is educational, fun and we love to sing along with you. My daughter is only 4, but she absorbed so much from you." Lynne Greisman, mom, Jacksonville, FL

    Motivate With Mrs. Kate can be a teacher's best tool for introducing the ideas of good behavior, citizenship and positive reinforcement. The students learn about how to function in a group--being courteous, cooperating with others, persevering, and making friends. With this CD, a song or two a day (even if it's only played during transition times) can put these concepts forth in a fun, accessible way, improving the quality of life in classrooms, homes and--eventually--the world."
    Cheryl Bychek, Homemaker, Royal Palm Beach, FL

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