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Little Sheep is a refreshing, original collection of scripture, folk and gospel songs. Appealing to children and adults, this album has encouraged folks on nearly every continent. You’ll be blessed as “Mrs. Kate” invites you to her peaceful pasture with the title track inspired by Psalm 23, “Little Sheep.” Check out the munchkin voices in “Who Can Stand Before His Cold?” Sit by the bedside of the “Sweet Little Gray-haired Lady,” or cry with the missionary who’s missing her kids at boarding school. Learn what The Book of Proverbs has to say about lazy folks in “The Sluggard Song.” Be edified with scripture-soaked songs “Apart from Me,” “Be Content,” “Green Olive Tree,” and “Faithful Servant.” Laugh a little with “The Shoe Song” (Does God really throw His?) and croon along country-style with “Squeeze In” and “Country Christians.” Tranquility will seep into your spirit as you praise God along with “I See a Star” and “Sitting on a Hillside.” Simply produced, these vintage tunes (1994) have stood the test of time and will be a tasty addition to the music you munch in your mind.


NOTE:  Little Sheep is no longer available in CD form.  Check your favorite online streaming platform, or you may stream or download the songs by clicking HERE!  LITTLE SHEEP ON BROADJAM

Little Sheep CD

  • "I really love the variety. From scripture to whimsy to ballad, and all are enjoyable" Charlotte Stemple, Vermilion, OH

    Purity, mature innocence, clarity, humor, vocal talent. If her other listeners are as impressed as I was, she is certainly doing her share in spreading God’s grace in our troubled world.
    Tom McGarry, Consultant, California

    "Song of the Missionary - Our Sunday School kids sang this song at our Missions festival. It was GREAT, perfect! Each child had a "drama" to perform ... the malaria, the missing of kids at MK school, the car to fix, the busy people and the grain ...they acted out the verse and sang the refrain. It was very good." Lois Low, Deltona, FL
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