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All aboard!  Hop on the train with “Mrs. Kate” Carpenter as she and her young singers present 12 catchy new songs for kids ages 5 to 12.  Your children will learn to stay on track and use their time wisely, working hard at doing their best.  They’ll be encouraged to reach out in friendship to the lonely with kindness and courage.  Mrs. Kate inspires youngsters to get outside and exercise!  Parents and children together will chuckle at fun tunes about keeping your room clean and (not) whining or forgetting stuff. Your kids will gain valuable lessons about tolerance and resolving conflict as they sing along with Mrs. Kate.  Another character-building classic from Florida’s dynamic motivator of children.

I Think I Can CD

  • Anyone who's seen the dynamic Mrs. Kate in concert is familiar with her energetic performance style, and ability to impart positive messages in an engaging, interactive way. Both are on full display in her new album, I Think I Can.

    From the upbeat opening song, based on the story of The Little Engine that Could, to the closer, Be a Doer, these songs inspire children of all ages to develop traits like confidence, fitness, organization, and compassion. The latter is poignantly requested in Kate's lovely song, Be a Friend, beautifully sung by guest soloist Bella Simonic. Told from the point of view of the "new kid at school", it was a brilliant idea to have it sung by this talented 13-year-old, who imparts the message with wistful wisdom.

    Mrs. Kate is joined by a plethora of stellar/renowned musicians, including guitarist Jamie DeFrates, pianist Scott Griffin, clarinetist Bill Prince and violinist Rebecca Zapen. Together, they create a variety of musical genres -- from reggae to rock, from singalong to swing -- to match the moods of the songs and keep the listener interested. All are given a chance to shine on this joyful, thoughtful compilation of songs that promote self-esteem while raising awareness of our oneness as a human family. And you too will be very happy to be aboard this train with Mrs. Kate and her friends!

    Cathy DeWitt, Senior Musician in Residence, Shands/UF Health Arts in Medicine, University of Florida
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