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Discover the treasures hidden inside Mrs. Kate’s Tremendous Trunk! Your children will learn about kindness and good manners as they sing, smile and do actions along with Mrs. Kate and her dynamic team. 30 minutes. Preschool through age 12.  You can find the Hug DVD on YouTube!

Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo DVD

  • "The Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo DVD has already had a huge impact on my kids. They've quoted from Habit the Rabbit about using manners and being polite to other kids! (That fact alone proves its worth!) Their favorite song was Colibri (The Hummingbird Song), but they really liked Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo with Melanie Levitt helping out. The part with Isabella Simonic rudely stuffing her mouth with popcorn (as a poor example of manners) was also a hit!! I really can't believe it, but after only listening to these songs once, they were singing them and talking about them at the breakfast table the next day!! This is a keeper Mrs. Kate, thank you!!!"

    Jen Edalgo, mother of 3, Jacksonville, FL

    "If my grandkids are going to watch TV, I want them to watch the Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo DVD!" Sharon Browning, grandmother of 11
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