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Mrs. Kate's one and only LIVE recording, complete with songs, stories and giggles. This album will have you chuckling, dancing, and singing along with "Mrs. Kate." Who put a toothpick in her waterbed? How far will Mom go to get the kids to clean their rooms? Starts with a smile and ends with a hug. Fun family fare for all ages! Recorded in 1999.  


NOTE:  This album is also available for download or stream on your favorit streaming platform.  OR:  Click HERE to find it on Broadjam.

Hug a Bug a Boo CD

  • "Your beautiful music is now filling our home. Emma really loves Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo and she looks so cute doing the movements with the song. Please continue to shine with your God-given talent! You really are an inspiration and a wonderful role model for all ages, especially the children!" Shawn Kuczenski, mom, Panama City Beach, FL

    "Kate has done it again! You'll be transported to a fun-loving, peaceful place where she'll tickle your ears and comfort your soul with love, smiles, and hugs to warm the heart. This recording with reignite the child in all of us." Lynn A. Coleman, Author, Keystone Heights, FL

    "Join Kate in the Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo experience! Genuine, profound, breezy and joyful. She'll fill your heart with delight." Debbie McCullouch, Educator, Adams, Tennessee"

    "My students love Hug-a-bug-a-Boo. They keep asking, "Sing it again!"  
    Michelle Rollo, preschool teacher, Fleming Island, FL
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