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Catch Mrs. Kate's energy on video, and learn the actions to her songs! Dance along with Mrs. Kate & her team of enthusiastic kids.  Your child will learn sign language and fun actions to 12 of the Doer songs.  Watch your kid burn up the calories while learning scripture and bouncing along Mrs. Kate.  If your child has to watch TV, this is an excellent option.  Squeaky clean!  

12 songs with actions; 40 minutes of truth-packed Bible learning and fun for kids ages 2 to 12.

Gotta Be a Doer DVD

  • "Gotta Be A Doer" is a fun entertaining way to learn and experience basic truths of God's Word. My little ones (ages 2 and 4) were so excited to see it! They sat there through the whole thing, jumped up and did the motions. As a mom, children's church and elementary school teacher, I highly recommend "Gotta Be A Doer".
    Sherry Kriete, River Road Baptist Church, Hilliard, FL

    "I cannot tell you how much my girls LOVE your video! Whenever they are fighting or cranky or tired, if I pop that in...they are like little angels. They sing and dance and I get such a kick out of watching them."
    Jennifer Grissom, Mom & Photographer, Jacksonville, FL

    "I played your Gotta Be a Doer video during the whole 2nd year of my grandbaby's life -- long before she could speak words or begin to sing, and long before her attention span was more than 30 seconds at a time. I watched her raptly absorbed with some of the songs for longer than she would ever concentrate on anything else. Some of her first vocabulary words were words from your songs. She would suddenly chime in with a word at just the right point in the video or wave her arms along with the kids. My grandmother heart was warmed as I finally heard her sweet little baby voice actually singing some of the phrases that year before she turned two. I rejoiced that that songs about Jesus were being "downloaded into her heart" during those precious hours in our home. I know CD's get played just as much in kids' homes and in their cars, but there is something special about capturing a child's whole heart through visual images as well as words and sounds."

    Lil Black, grandmother, Melbourne, Florida

    "I wanted to tell you that my granddaughter, Mariah, has memorized your DVD.  She knows all of the songs and can do the actions.  Pretty good for a 2 1/2 yer old!"

    Lee Kinard, Grandmother, Jacksonville, FL

    "The Gotta Be a Doer DVD has motivated my children, and they have written music for the first time! Tom Martindale, IL
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