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Looking for a collection of fresh, original scripture-based songs for kids?  Get Gotta Be a Doer and be inspired to be a doer of the Word, not just a listen-to-er!  Bible-based and character-building, these tunes will inspire you and your family to love and obey God more than ever before.  The most downloaded song on this CD is Mrs. Kate's wacky Books of the Bible tune.  Even 2 year olds will be reciting all 66 in a matter of days.  Actions for twelve of the songs are featured in the "Gotta Be a Doer" Video. A Christian Kids Classic!

Gotta Be a Doer CD

  • "I love it! Kate brings her faith, experiences and perspective as an adult into songs so singable that my 6-year old twins are humming along after listening once or twice! You'll get a kick out of Kate's sense of humor and her obvious love of life, kids and the Lord. "America's Heart" gave me chills! Questions about Mrs. Kate's songs have led to many meaningful conversations, which is why her music is such an integral part of our homeschool. We now give her CD's as birthday presents. Toys will break or be forgotten; we choose to give a piece of our hearts, passing on the truth, love and joy that Mrs. Kate conveys.” Denise Sinco, Vero Beach

    "Gotta Be a Doer" is Kate's best-produced project yet, revealing her heart and passion for children to know God in a sweet fullness of sound. Your kids will be challenged to worship God, and to know and apply His word to daily living. I recommend "Doer" not only because it is done well, but because Kate Carpenter lives what she sings and writes, which is truly refreshing these days." Rev. Ted O'Farrell, Worship Pastor, The Alliance Church, Zephyrhills, FL
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