Front Burner CD

Front Burner CD


Mrs. Kate's first CD (1994)! A must have for faithful fans. When she decided to take her music off the back burner, the title was perfect for what she was stirring up on her musical stove. She gets things cookin’ Christian-country style with “Two are Better than One,” “There’s a Kingdom,” and “ I Know Someone Who Knows.” Your stomach will growl along with the poor kids in “Feed Me, I’m Hungry,” but you’ll be counting your blessings with “Thank You, Jesus.” “The Sword Song” artfully combines several verses about the powerful Word of God, and “Philippians 4:8” will help your mind to dwell on the good things. Two classic ‘body of Christ’ songs included in this collection are “Look at all the Family” and “The Farewell Song.” “Colossians 2:9-10” exalts the Lord Jesus and leaves you wishing for more. Buy this CD and explore the earlier days of Mrs. Kate's songwriting...vintage Christian folk music at its best.


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    "The children can’t stop dancing and singing when they hear you sing. It’s such a real joy to see their delight and my own blessings that come from your songs." -- Marlene Fekete, mother of seven, Cadillac, Michigan"

    I love Front Burner. By the time we listened twice, we were singing along." Connie Smith, Teacher, Deltona, FL

    "So refreshing and down-to-earth." Carole Hawes, Laingsburg, MI

    "Front Burner is filled with songs about Jesus and Biblical lessons. I really enjoyed listening to and I am excited to share these songs at church. My favorite song was Thank you, Jesus." Susan Moninger, Crawfordville, FL
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