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Mrs. Kate takes you on a musical journey through the Sunshine State, with interactive songs about Florida birds, weather, swamp critters, ecology and more!  Great for road trips!  Your kids will be singing these songs to entertain themselves for hours.  One of Mrs. Kate's best-selling CD's, these songs are being downloaded all over the world.

Florida Family Folksongs CD

  • "'Here's to the future, here's to the land!' With fingerpicking guitar, wailing harmonica, dancing fiddle, piano, and a whole cacophony of sounds, Mrs. Kate sings with the children in a wide variety of musical styles. You'll find yourself tapping, snapping, clapping, bouncing, twirling or swaying to the rhythms of the songs. The story of the mockingbird and the 9/11 attack on our country is a remarkably honest and calm explanation of a difficult time. Mrs. Kate's soothing voice in this tale will give comfort to young and old alike. The song, She Still Sings, is a masterpiece of melody and lyrics that will live forever in our hearts. Kate's themes are universal and her melodies are beautiful. This is an artist whose music will pass the test of time."
    Mary Lee Sweet, Storyteller, Palm Coast, FL

    Florida Family Folksongs is so much fun! A delight to listen to and one of “Mrs. Kate’s” best works yet! Kate has a brilliant mind for capturing the essence of nature into her joyous, enchanting songs. I can not look at an anhinga anymore without singing her catchy tune. It puts a big smile on my face every time . I highly recommend this CD. I love it!"
    Gail Keel, Musical Therapist, Ft. Myers, FL
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