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Quilts made by Mrs. Kate

Kelsey's Rainforest Quilt Since our granddaughter Kelsey was born in Ecuador, her parents wanted her to have a rainforest quilt. I had a lot of fun designing it. Hand appliqued, hand embroidered and hand-quilted, it was a lot of fun to make.

Click here for a video tour of this quilt.

Liam's Car Quilt

Designed by Will Carpenter, and made by Mrs. Kate for grandson Liam Carpenter.

Gus & Amanda Polito's Wedding Quilt

This was made from a Kaffe Fassett design.

Jennifer & Sam Bosley's Wedding Quilt

This freestyle quilt was made with a Grab 'n Sew method. Personalized with embroidery and fun details.

The Raffle Quilt

This is the first time I had ever made a quilt to raise money. It earned over $5000 to help our duaghter and her husband Keith transition to their missionary work in Uruguay. Winner was Nancy Kaastad of Renton, WA.

David & Maggie Broden's Quilt

Another Kaffe Fassett Design, I added a lot of embroidery and quilting specialty touches to reflect my niece and her husband's love for biking... and each other.

Al & Leah's Wedding Quilt

My brother finally married at age 48. I thought he and his new wife should have a beautiful quilt that reflected their love of the great outdoors. Adapted from a Kaffe Fassett design.

Tarah Sampson's Dolly Quilt

I had fun whipping this up for one of my sweet Bible Club Girls for her birthday present.

Michele & Adrian Villegas' Quilt

This was made from a Kaffe Fassett design.

Will & Jackie Carpenter's Quilt

I made this quilt when our son Will married Jackie, the love of his life. I used patters from a Georgia Bonesteel book on Lap Quilting.

Friendship Alliance Worship Banner

I designed this quilt on a piece of graph paper. It took a lot of thought!

Gracie's Birdhouse Quilt

This quilt was designed by our son, Will for his first child, Gracie. The quilt is interactive. You can turn on the clock, twirl the windmill, push the tire swing, etc.

Emily & Steven's Quilt

Wedding present for my niece, Emily Klaassen, who photographed it.

Isaac's Fish Quilt

Isaac's mom and dad love to fish. Our son Will designed this quilt, with the exception of the Pig Squid, which I found online. This is an interactive play quilt.

Newburn Wedding Quilt

Keith and Teri began their married life in Ecuador, and love to climb mountains. Our son, Will designed the Andean Mountain scene, which is hand appliqued and embroidered. Freestyle log cabin blocks were fun to piece.

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