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Meet the Marvel Team!

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Marvel:  to become filled with surprise, wonder or amazed curiosity. 

Marvel…..I often wonder at the marvelous gift God has given me to write songs.  The crazy thing is:  I never know what I am going to be writing about next!  This collection of songs is like a bowl full of colorful marbles.  Each tune is unique and can roll on its own, but I’m tossing them together and presenting them to you so you can… marvel at the marbles! Listen, laugh, and love singing along with Mrs. Kate!

When we moved to Marion, IN in 2020, I connected with 2 very talented young producers, AJ Berning and Jonah Atkinson.  I love working with these young men.  They’re not afraid to think outside the box and explore new ways of doing things with an old songwriter. Speaking of old, several of these songs (Google, Delete, Bounce, China) were expertly produced by Jamie DeFrates of St. Augustine, FL, with whom I recorded 7 CD’s. 

Playing with marbles is fun thing to do with friends, and many of my musical cohorts contributed their talents to this production. 

Scott Griffin is my brilliant buddy with magical fingers.  He created arrangements and played on 7 songs (Chocolate, Thought Life, Litter, Google, Delete, Bounce, China).  Rebecca Zapen rocked out on her violin for Root Little Piggy and GoogleChristopher Henry played mandolin and banjo on I’m a Hoosier and All of My Friends are DeadLisa, Joshua and Brianna Harris were key to the production of Let Your Heart Live Forever with vocals, instruments and production.  Todd Syswerda created the keyboard track for Eyes on Jesus.  The horns were Jonah's creative masterpiece!

It was fun recording with the kids on my team!  The heaviest hitters were Mary Lou and Ellie Stasson. Contributing sweet sibling harmonies, they joined me in the studio for several songs. They are true professionals!  Cherish KIteck and Liam Carpenter made The Chocolate Song even more delicious!

I’d also like to thank adults who contributed background vocals:  Jonah Atkinson, Will Carpenter, Kelly Cheney, Staci Jefferies, Daniel Kiteck, David Newell, Alyssa Ralston, Payton Scott, Chip Herrington, Georgia Luedi, and Susan Brown.

There are 2 versions of The Pickleball Song.  The young-sounding voice is Lina Sanden of Lund, Sweden. I love the energy she infused into my very first sports song!

My friends, I hope you will enjoy playing marbles with Marvel!  I intend to tickle your funny bone, motivate you, and move you into action.  Maybe I’ll see you out on the pickleball court.  Be sure to bring chocolate!

As you browse through the gallery, click on each picture to find out Who's Who and what they contributed to Marvel!  I had an amazing team!

Jonah Atkinson, producer

Jonah Atkinson, Producer

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