Meet Melissa, Ameli & Larimar!

Hi!  My name is Melissa Lopez from Texas.  I have been happily married for 10 years to Amado Lopez, a furniture salesman.  We have two girls, Ameli (7) and Larimar (5).  We are from the Dominican Republic.  I have a college degree in Social Communications, but I decided to stay at home and care for my family.  When Ameli was old enough, we began to make some videos of cooking and baking just for fun.  We put that on hold when Larimar was born.  Larimar was born with a rare condition, Klippel Feil Syndrome, which affects the heart, bones, spine and brain.  Larimar is deaf in her right ear and also has Sprengel Deformity, an extra bone in her shoulder connected with her spine, which was corrected in an 8 hour long surgery.

Larimar is doing well now.  She became interested in making videos after watching her big sister, so I resumed creating videos with our daughters.  We like to make videos of cooking, playing and family activities.

In January, we went to the local library and there was an event with someone singing to the kids. It was “Mrs. Kate” Carpenter.  The kids loved the funny songs, her personality and smile.  They had a lot of fun that day.  I had always wanted to make a video with an awesome kid’s song, but not just the normal song that everyone is doing. I wanted something different!  After we left the library, I thought maybe we can do something together with “Mrs. Kate.” 

I listened to all Mrs. Kate albums and I fell in love with all the songs, because they are funny and the kids love them. I chose The Picky Eater Song because is a cute song that shows the different kinds of food the people in other culture eat.  It helped to teach my kids eat their food.  Ameli loves pasta and vegetables, but not meat. Larimar loves pasta and meat, but not vegetables!

The hardest thing about making the video was to find the perfect program for the green screen.  It was my first time using this, so it was a challenge to blend the colors like I wanted.

The funniest thing was biting the false cricket that I made with cardboard box, toilet paper, glue and paint.  The paint was still little fresh and it stuck to my teeth!  So, when you see my expression in the video after biting the cricket, it was real!

Our YouTube channel is still small with just around 700 subscribers, but we are really happy and grateful to have the time to make some funny and educational videos for families.  It is a great way to share quality time with my daughters and teach them important lessons, too.

Please subscribe to our channel, and we hope to see you again on YouTube!


Larimar, Melissa and Ameli have contagious smiles!

Lopez girls chef hats.jpg

Their first videos are cooking flicks!

How do you like their blue chef outfits?

Lopez family in car.jpg

The Lopez family from Texas. 

I'm so glad I got to meet them!

Ameli and Larimar pose for a picture with Mrs. Kate after the library show near Austin, TX