R.I.P. Resurrection Rose!

I was up at the church weeding  when my phone rang in my bicycle basket. It was my brother Paul, calling to tell me that our mom passed away. She is now with Jesus.  No more waiting to be with her Lord and my daddy.  She is rejoicing and whole!

Wow, Mom was the one who got me out in the back yard weeding when I was kid. Of course, I hated weeding.  Now I jump at the chance to work in the garden and don't mind weeding at all.


Later, as I backed out of the garage, I remembered that my mom was the one who (with white knuckles) taught me to drive.


As I worked in the kitchen, I realized it was Mom who invited me into her kitchen and taught me to cook.  The first thing she instructed me in was how to make tartar sauce when we had fish.  (We ate fish every Friday night).


As I sew, I recall who taught me how to use the sewing machine and let me do the family mending....it was Mom.


As I led worship on Sunday at church, I rejoiced in the fact that Mom bought me my first guitar and was my inspiration in songwriting.  Where do you think "snug as a bug in a rug" came from?  My mom.


NEVER did we miss a Sunday of attending mass.  (Unless we were on a pack trip way up in the mountains.) Even then I think we had some sort of a worship time.  Mom loved the Lord with all her heart.  


She was an amazing doctor's wife.  As I think back on listening to her (one-sided) conversations, it's not really too different from being a pastor's wife. 


And oh, what a mother!  Perfect?  Nope!  Amazing?  For sure.  She raised 9 kids successfully.  Her love for God, strength of character and personality is with all of us in different ways and degrees.  And we all love each other, different as we are.  What a tribe she and daddy raised!


In January, all 9 of us will meet for her final celebration of life. My heart is full.  Long live Resurrection Rose! 


Thanks for your prayers for me and my family as we pray and grieve.

With a lump in my throat,

Mrs Kate

Mom loved her flowers and gardening

Mom and Dad were married for almost 70 years!

Here's a picture of all 9 of us!  We're scattered across the whole USA, and different as night an day, but we all love each other.

Mom's love language was FOOD. She loved to cook and taught me how to cook.

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