Get to Know Kyleigh!

A Voice from Mrs. Kate’s Past – Kyleigh Hill


Back in 2008, a bright, talented 12 year old girl auditioned to sing on my Motivate with Mrs. Kate Vocal Team.  Her name? Kyleigh Hill from Orange Park, Florida.  She faithfully attended the practices and spent 3 days in the studio recording the vocals.  After the CD release party, I never saw her again…in person.  However, I connected with her on Facebook and have been following her life and music career.  I recently interviewed Kyleigh from her home in Nashville, TN, where she works in the music industry.


Mrs. Kate:  It’s been a long time since we recorded Motivate with Mrs. Kate, Kyleigh.  What is it you remember most about your experience on the team?


Kyleigh: It was fun getting to know my teammates.  I enjoyed the camaraderie we had as we worked and played together.  It was interesting learning the stories behind your songs.  I also remember the fun photo shoot we had at the Treaty Oak in downtown Jacksonville.


Mrs. Kate:  How about the recording process?  What do you recall from that experience?

Kyleigh:  It was my first time in the studio, so at first I thought it was a little scary.  But you made it fun, and I felt very lucky to be able to sing on your CD. 


Mrs. Kate:  What are your memories of the team?


Kyleigh:  I remember making friends with kids who loved music and singing as I did.  I can still follow them on Facebook and see what they are doing now.


Mrs. Kate:  Which song do you remember best, and why? 


Kyleigh:  Give Me a Smile!  It’s so positive!  It’s a feel-good, encouraging, and healthy song for kids to listen to.  It helps children to have a better attitude.  I liked being a part of that. 

Mrs. Kate:  Tell me about your musical journey since then.  

Kyleigh:  I took voice lessons with Ms. Marie Hardway first.  I spent 4 years at the Douglas Anderson High School of the Arts in Jacksonville.  After graduating with honors, I studied at Lee University in Cleveland, TN majoring in Music Business, graduating in 2018. I also traveled in a singing group called “Voices of Lee”. I would say that group and my internship at Lee prepared me for the job market.


Mrs. Kate:  Not too many young musicians right out of college land a job in Nashville.  Tell us about your first job.

Kyleigh:  I was the studio manager for “Singing Success” for a year.  Now I am working for Capitol Christian Music Group as a Coordinator in Product Development with Brentwood Benson Music Publishing.  We provide extensive resources for churches and worship teams.  One of my most recent accomplishments was serving on the team providing hospitality and logistics for a national conference, Worship Together 2020.


Mrs. Kate: Sounds like you’re really busy and enjoying what you do.  And I hear that wedding bells will be ringing soon for you?

Kyleigh: Yes!  I met my fiancé, Jordan Guyton in college.  He, too, is a vocal musician and a sax player.  We are getting married in June!

Mrs. Kate:  How has your faith affected your life and career?


Kyleigh:  My faith and relationship with Jesus has always been the center of everything I do.  I live my life based on how the Lord has called me to live it.  No matter which career path I would have gone down, I rely on the Lord for His guidance.  He has just really blessed me to work in a field that I am so passionate about.  I believe He wants His children to have the desires of their hearts and serve Him in the areas they’re gifted in.


Mrs. Kate:  I know that your journey in life has not always been easy.  You had an accident with a scalding grease spill when you were just 12 years old and suffered 3rd degree burns and scarring on your hands.  It happened not long after we recorded the CD.


Kyleigh:  I was in the hospital for a month.  Recovery was very painful with skin grafts and surgeries.  Through that very difficult experience, I discovered a lot.  The accident happened when I was on the verge of my teenage years, a time when girls are dealing with self-image and trying to look pretty.  The scarring was hard to deal with, but I learned to accept myself and trust in the Lord.  I have grown in empathy for people who are suffering, not just physically, but emotionally, too.  Now I look beyond the outside appearance to matters of the heart. I have become more compassionate toward those who are suffering.  I have learned that inner beauty is so much more important than outside appearance.


Mrs. Kate:  How did your participation in recording Motivate with Mrs. Kate influence the direction of your life and what you’ve become?


Kyleigh:  It was my first paid music gig!  It helped solidify what I wanted to do with my life.  It made me think, “Okay, I can do this!”  It was also exciting to be part of a project that would live on and influence millions of kids in an encouraging and motivational way. In fact, it motivated me to serve others.


Mrs. Kate:  Thank you for sharing that, Kyleigh.  You have been an encouragement to me!  I, together with my music family wish you the very best with your upcoming marriage to Jordan.  God bless you and continue to guide you as you serve Jesus.

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