Kids with unique needs require an entertainer who can engage them, make them smile,
and get them involved in the music.  Mrs. Kate has years of experience performing for children
of various special needs.  She has worked with Arts4AllFlorida for many years in serving in Artist Residencies and providing performances for festivals.  She has served an artist-in-residence at Yulee Elementary and  ARK of Nassau County, FL.

Letters of Recommendation

"Mrs. Kate recently participated in an arts festival held at Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center in Jacksonville, Florida.  Her interactive performance was a delight to staff and students alike.  She encouraged our special needs students to participate in the songs and demonstrated sensitivity to their needs and abilities. Her smiles, enthusiasm, and engaging style resulted in an enjoyable experience for all.  We want to invite her again.                                                                                                                                                                 Jane Monks, ESE arts teacher
"Mrs. Kate provided our students with a sensory rich experience during our annual Fall Arts Festival. Her joy and enthusiasm for her craft enabled our students to participate as fully as possible in the music and movement portion of the Arts Festival." 
Mark Cashen, Principal, Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center, Jacksonville, FL

"Mrs. Kate is indeed a very special artist!  She embraces, encourages, and excites our students as she brings our curriculum to life through songs, puppets, and instruments.  Long after Mrs. Kate has departed our classrooms, her songs are heard - often at unexpected times and in unexpected places - always bringing a smile to the faces and warmth to the hearts of those who hear them!"
Peg Granger, VSA Grant Recipient, Special Education Teacher, Yulee Elementary School, Yulee, FL

"I could not have asked for a more enthusiastic performance given by Mrs. Kate! Our campers have both mental and physical disabilities and each and every camper was able to participate in Mrs. Kate’s performance. Mrs. Kate was able get our volunteers, staff, and most importantly our campers to interact with her show. In particular, our campers that use sign language to communicate were excited to have a performer use hand gestures with a song! The campers all week were signing and requesting “Coon in a can,” which is one of Mrs. Kate’s most popular songs. Campers that do not use sign language were able to make noises and dance along with Mrs. Kate. Mrs. Kate’s performance is well suited for a special needs audience. It is especially hard to keep everyone’s attention, but Mrs. Kate was definitely able to! I would recommend Mrs. Kate to anyone who has a special needs audience."
Brooke Hargarther, Assistant Camp Director
"Kate Carpenter is truly one of a kind! Her singing and storytelling are simply mesmerizing! She is high energy, interactive and  tons of fun!!  While entertaining children and adults of all ages, Kate teaches about values, character and choices. Her performance lasts a life time in the minds and hearts of every single person she touches on her “Singin’ and Smilin’ with Mrs. Kate” journey!"
NancyAnn Oldham, Director of Hope Haven Camps, Jacksonville, FL
"Mrs. Kate is the most AMAZING singer, songwriter, and storyteller that I have ever known. If you want your kids to listen to wholesome, character building songs, she is the lady to see."
                                                                                                                                                       Cynthia Moyers, Program Assistant, ARK of Nassau

Your session on Tuesday was a PERFECT affective development lesson focusing on the skills of organization and getting along with friends.  You covered several of our Skillstreaming (social skills) areas as follows:  Listening, Saying Thank You, Following Directions,  Beginning & Ending a Conversation, Joining In, Recognizing Others and Expressing Your Feelings, Expressing Affection &  Showing Understanding of Another's Feelings.  
Peg Granger, VSA Grant Recipient, Special Education Teacher, Yulee Elementary School, Yulee, FL

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