"We've never heard anything like this before!"  "You really know how to entertain!"
are comments often heard after Kate delights a group of seniors.  Her hour-long
program filled with humorous songs and stories perks up the ears and memories of
the audience.  With Kate they travel back into the kitchen and remember the smell of
Homemade Bread. They'll laugh as she belts out the Bifocal Blues. Porch Swing and
Rocking Chair are examples of the heartwarming folk songs that will make your
seniors smile.  Her newest hit with seniors is a funny song called Nothing I can do about the Wrinkles.
Google It (The Smart Phone Song) and Bounce House bring out more chuckles!


Letters of Recommendation

"Her songs, stories and warmth had the residents begging for more...She had them dancing, singing and clapping.  I am looking forward to having her back."    
                             Julie Hayes, Activities Director, Carriage Club

"Kate Carpenter is a very unique entertainer.  She gets the audience involved, and it's a foot-stompin', hand-clapping, belly-laughing, off-the-seats kind of show.  You can't miss this gal!"
                             Kathleen Smith and Kathi Rose, Fleet Landing


“The people loved the opportunity to participate when you invited them! It was so fun to see a different side of them as a result!”                                                                                                                                                           Eva Webb, Interpretive Naturalist, IDNR Salamonie Reservoir


"All reported good feelings about you and your performance. "Bravo Zulu," which in the Navy means "Outstanding!"
                            Larry Sharpe, Military Officers Association of America

"Mrs. Kate....a delightful experience!  She is a very warm person with the ability to draw out her audience.  Our residents enjoyed her music and her homespun humor.  They are eager for her to return.  I recommend her to anyone wanting to brighten someone's day."
                    Lester E. Kesselring, ACC, Director of Activities, The Palms of Sebring

"Your presentation was just perfect!  Happy, funny, uplifting, and so full of God's love!"                         Ft. Caroline Baptist Pioneers Group
"The residents enjoyed you so much and I have had several compliments from staff and visitors! We would love to have you again!"                  
                             Erica Woolard, Quality Health, Fernandina Beach

"An excellent blend of talk and music...personal experiences that everyone can relate to...joyous occasions as well as life's situations that cause people to pause and recall.  Great show!" 
                            Betty Frederick, St. Johns County Public Library Administration

"We thoroughly enjoyed Kate's program and would unhesitatingly recommend her to any group looking for an entertaining and tasteful program.  Kate is an accomplished guitarist, singer, and songwriter.  She is a high-energy person with an infectious performing style.  She draws on her life experiences for her song material and  comes across as very genuine.  Her lyrics are obviously heartfelt."
                                Samuel H. Reck, Program Chairman, Hi-Yo Silvers Seniors Group

"I came in this morning to an answering machine full of beautiful compliments on your program last evening."
                                Melissa Bossert, Director of Resident Services, Westminster Towers, Orlando

"I heard nothing but praise for the content of the songs, the presentation you made, and the joy you exuded.  Thanks so very much for giving of yourself in such an unselfish way.  All the seniors enjoyed you and look forward to hearing you again. They enjoyed the variety of songs: humorous, serious, thoughtful and all delightful."
            Anthony Bollback, Director, Senior's Conference, Lake Swan Conference Center

From a combined seniors and kids' show....
"Many thanks for a wonderful program with you at Cypress Village when the children from Montessori School came in their Halloween Costumes. You held the children - and we the old folks - spellbound with your music and words and your boundless enthusiasm. I'm so glad we were able to buy two of your CD's and Bob and I have enjoyed each of them two times and I'm sure we'll find other times to share them with friends and grandchildren. And every time we have a visitor in the house, I bring out my new Thunder Tube and surprise our guests. We have happy memories of meeting you and we do hope we'll have another opportunity to see and hear you in person sometime soon again."
                             Willie and Bob Evans, Cypress Village residents, Jacksonville, FL
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