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If you're looking for a fascinating folk listening experience, pop Porch Swing into your CD player, kick back and imagine yourself rocking on "Mrs. Kate's" Porch Swing and listening to the musical story of her life as a country pastor's wife. You'll laugh at "Lima Beans" and learn to save on your food bill. You'll wince and whine along with "Why are there Fire Ants?" Warm up to the special relationship between husband and wife in "Faithful, Always Faithful." Chuckle at the "Preacher's Wife Blues" and nod for a snooze during the "Nap Song." Quilters enjoy "The Old Sew and Sew," and bakers will revel in "Homemade Bread." Moms rejoice in "Joy to be a Mother" and seniors find comfort in "Clean Old Men." The craziest song of all is "The Plague", a scary song about your child getting head lice at school. Songwriters don't come much wackier than Mrs. Kate, but she'll warm your heart, too.


NOTE:  This collection of songs is now only available for download or streaming.

Porch Swing CD

  • "Porch Swing is a delightful way for me to relax, laugh, and reminisce about good times. I used to spend a lot of time on my own porch swing, and through these songs, those days come back almost as vividly as they were lived. Mrs. Kate has a very prolific way with lyrics, and her turn of phrase is sure to please. These songs make me want to hear more of her! And thank heaven she doesn't have to lose her innocence, or ask us to lose ours, either, to make things fun." Kathy Luethje, Bloomingdale, IN

    "Despite bumper to bumper traffic, the songs kept a smile on my face, Kate celebrates the colors of the simple things around us. She brings home the importance of small things, the incredibly large gifts of God which we too easily take for granted." Paul Garfinkel, Singer/Songwriter, Jacksonville, FL

    "I love Rocking Chair and The Old Sew and Sew songs. I almost have the sewing song memorized and it plays in my head all day long, even when it isn't playing on my CD player. What have you done to me? Your music is fabulous! So catchy!" Barbara Rosen, Pine Needle Basket Artist, Alligator Point, FL

    RE: Clean Old Men: "I love this song! You made me fall in love with the old man you wrote it about. Every time I listen to this song, I think of my aging father, and the many millions of old men, GOOD old men, who have been brave warriors, supported their families, and are now at the mercy of strangers who care for them. If everyone in the universe would listen to it, we'd all be better people. Thank you Kate, for recording it." Kim Lippy, North Carolina
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