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Mrs. Kate loves singing for Homeschool Groups, and Homeschool Groups
love Mrs. Kate.  The values she presents in her songs strike a deep chord
of agreement with the philosophy of home-educating families.

"So many folks have commented on what a lovely evening it was and how they enjoyed your concert!  Your music is fabulous and your presentation unique and heart-warming, but the thing that I think we all felt was God's Spirit emanating from you. Both kids and parents alike enjoyed participating.  My personal favorite was "Gotta Be a Doer."  It was a refreshing and fun evening and we appreciate your coming to minister to us."
 Alexa Hamm, Coordinator for Hope Homeschoolers of Lakeland, FL


"Thank you so much for sharing yourself in such an enjoyable way with the Hope Homeschool Group.  My little 4 year old and I had a moment together after your song about the rain and no shoes.  She turned to me and said, "I like that song!" and I told her I did too!  (with tears in my eyes).  I was glad to be validated in song to be counted among the moms who do let heir kids run barefoot in puddles.  I am encouraged to once again play more with my kids and "reason" less!  I hope you'll come back with more songs!"
Alison LaMans, Lakeland, Florida


"I am really being inspired!  I can’t believe how good the songs are! My 4 year old daughter was asking questions about the lyrics, which opened a teaching moment to explain the conditions around the world. These songs will help us as we homeschool our kids.  I am dancing and rejoicing....the songs make me so joyful!  What you are saying in your music and the spirit in which you are singing it is similar to my soul and the direction I am taking my family.  I didn't think I could find this kind of music anymore."
Tom Martindale, Automotive Designer, Homeschool Dad, Ft. Wayne, IN


"Kate brings her faith, experiences and perspective as an adult into songs so sing-able that my 6-year old twins are humming along. You'll get a kick out of Kate's sense of humor and her obvious love of life, kids and the Lord. "America's Heart" gave me chills! Questions about Mrs. Kate's songs have led to many meaningful conversations, which is why her music is such an integral part of our homeschool. We now give her CD's as birthday presents. Toys will break or be forgotten; we choose to give a piece of our hearts, passing on the truth, love and joy that Mrs. Kate conveys."
 Denise Sinco, Morningstar, Vero Beach


"We feel that God made you especially for this ministry.  thanks for reminding us to look for God in nature!" 
The Ponciano Family, River City Homeschool Adventures

"You are a delightful person and I want to expose my children to the best influences I can."


Lamarre Notargiacomo, Vero Beach, Florida

"Michaela is my daughter.  She is homeschooled and in the first grade.  She and her brother both love your tapes and video.  I love hearing my children sing your wonderful songs.  Thank you for being a great blessing to our family."


Melanie Millet, Homeschool Mom, Pinellas County

"Your positive message and contagious enthusiasm blessed our children."


Olga Gray, Pinelands Enrichment Program, Miami, FL

"We really enjoyed learning the new songs. Gabriella's (age 7) favorite was Florida rain and she would love to audition for you.  Alexis' (10) favorite song was Anhinga.  As a mom, I enjoyed having my children learn something new in a fun and inviting way."


Melodie Hamilton, River City Homeschool Adventures, Jacksonville, FL