Read Fan Mail!


 "My 2nd and 3rd grade Sunday School class is singing "Gotta be a Doer" and "Song of the Missionary."  We're doing a little presentation for the moms .. and having a tea,  We're adding drama to the missionary song, so all kids have a part.  So thanks again for your great talent, love for Jesus and sharing it with everyone!"                                             Lois Low, Deltona, FL
"Thank you for your lovely music and poems.  You are such a talent and a true inspiration.  I wanted to tell you  how much your Lightning Bug lullaby CD means to me.  I play it for my grandson at least once a day and it is his cue that it is nap time.  I love the melodies and the loving comforting words.  I hum the melodies even when I am alone.  I would encourage anyone to purchase your music.  The messages are right on point and so comforting."                                                          Marlene Blattman, Vero Beach, FL
"My daughter Emily absolutely loves her Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo movie and she wants Mrs. Kate to make another one.     Melissa Hardy,  St. Louis, MO
"I just wanted to let you know that I love your music and the innovative sound that it carries. I work at a daycare in the infant room, and we play your CD every day!  We ALL love it! I also had the pleasure of being in one of your classes that was offered to us by my former employer. Enjoyed that also! Blessings to you!
Sarah Baker-Roberts, Palm Coast, FL


As a VPK Teacher I have for quite a few years enjoyed sharing your songs with my students, but this year has been a special one with "Mrs Kates music". They all developed such a fun affinity for your 'Florida Rain' song. I will affectionately always think of this years class whenever I play this song for my future students. Thank you for sharing your love.  Carlene Barrows, Yulee, FL


THE MANNERS RAP SONG:  "I love it! I am an elementary school librarian at a public school. I will be using it with all of my classes as we begin lessons on using the library. Character counts is a big part of our schools daily activities and this song perfectly fits in the program. I wish you could have seen my kindergartzen classes last week! We were dancing and moving to the beat! A great time was had by all. Even teachers remarked on how fun it was and what a great song! In coming weeks, I hope to bring the song into our Friday morning assemblies. Thank you, and I will be looking for more of your songs to add to my arsenal!"       Mrs. Diane Stump


"Hi! I am Sara Kate and I am ten and in 4th grade at at Lakeland Christian School. You came for chapel and all the kids loved it. My favorite song was Anhinga . Mrs. Snyder really enjoyed having you oo. Hope you can come back next year."
"My wife put on all your songs today and it added energy to our family and put smiles on our faces and a bounce to our step. Thanks for spreading the joy of the Lord with our family."   Tom Martindale, North Aurora, IL


"Mrs. Kate, I look at you in awe, thinking how in the world do you do what you do? You must be an undercover angel! We love you and thank you so so so much for sharing a memory our stars will have forever......and for always being willing to return to us ! 
NancyAnn Oldham, Hope Haven, Jacksonville, FL 
"I visited your website and played some songs for my kids. Well, before we knew it, we had songs stuck in our heads, and we've been singing them ever since. My ebullient six-year-old's favorites so far are God Always Keeps His Promises, Colibri, and Bird on the Beach. We've had a lot of fun dancing to those during the past few days. And she has encouraged me to stay very plugged in to your website, so that she can audition as soon as there's another opportunity."​
Nanette Holt, North Jax Monthly

Here's a picture of me and Emalyn taken at the

Butterfly Festival in Jacksonville, FL

"I told my kids that they were going to have a sub today. One of them yelled out, 'I want Mrs. Kate to be our substitute!  Then we could sing and have fun all day."  I think that means they loved having her here.  Thanks for singing and entertaining us.  It was a great day!" 
                                                                                                                                                Kindergarten teacher, Kendall Elementary, Marion, IN
"The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Florida Family Folksongs CD and the Armadillo song is constantly on their little lips. Bell and I had a high-five moment the other day when we heard your Florida Rain song. That is SO US! NO Shoes!!! I laughed out loud :-) And Bell was ecstatic this morning because there was a real live Anhinga in our lake with his wings out and everything. We had to listen to that song on our way to visit the old folks at the nursing home this morning :-) Your music is blessing our family in more ways than I can tell you. Your song She Still Sings made me cry. I needed that song today. Thank you for sharing your gift with all of us."
Lauren Simonic, Homeschool mom, Jacksonville, FL

"Our family is really blessed by your songs!  Honeysuckle is my favorite in the melodious love song category. It makes me soar!  Florida Rain is our family favorite. Your songs put a melody in my heart and cause me to rejoice in the Lord.  They have made a real difference in my life.  Thanks for the investment!  I like the reminder to Take Time and Do it Again. I hear that a lot from my little ones. I just wanted to tell you how much your music means to me. I have been telling others too about your songs, but need to tell even more people and get the word out.

Tom Martindale, North Aurora, IL

Thank you so much for recording the hand motions to I Spy You Spy for us!  We're in full swing of getting ready for camp. Our theme is "I Spy the Fingerprint of God" so we're combining the spy theme with creation. It should be a great time and this song will work perfectly. At first we were having a hard time finding a theme song that would work so we joked that we would have to get somebody to write a theme song for us, but you already did! Thanks- we appreciate it : )

Erin Jones, Ceres, California