Gotta Be a Doer with Mrs. Kate


"Be doers of the word, and not hearers only."  Mrs. Kate drives home the motivation to obey the

Lord in all things.  She urges students to discover their gifts and use them to serve the Lord.  She teaches kindness, obedience, and love in a unique way that your students will not forget.  Character building, educational, and fun, Mrs. Kate's spiritually enriching and challenging show will "stick with" your kids and impact their lives for eternity. 

"I am a first grade teacher at Lake Park Baptist School, and I would like to describe the impact that Mrs. Kate Carpenter has made on my life and that of my students.  Mrs. Kate came to our school to give a concert.  She captured their hearts with her enthusiasm, her smile, and the messages and melodies of her songs.  She performed a variety of songs and used parent, student and teacher volunteers to demonstrate hand motions and play various instruments.  As she sang, Mrs. Kate got them excited and involved, and yet communicated meaningful thoughts that would stick with them because of the creative way they were presented."

      The parents who bought her tapes and CDs after the concert told me that their children wanted to listen to them all the time.  I bought several of her CDs and have used them in my classroom ever since.  My students especially love the songs "Gotta Be a Doer" and "Children, Obey," and we decided to perform them for a recent chapel.  We learned the hand motions from the "Gotta Be a Doer" video and then sang the 2 songs accompanied by the CD.  Our audience really liked the songs, and the message of the songs fit in perfectly with the short talk on obedience that I gave.

      "I believe the impact of her songs is a result of her heart for the Lord and her love for children.  Mrs. Kate communicates a lasting message in such a melodious and "catchy" way that the students do "catch" the message.  I use the CDs often at the end of the day, and as the students and I walk out, I often overhear them humming the songs under their breath.  What better way to teach the truth than through songs that keep coming back to you?  My students will not forget these songs, and I know God will continue to reveal to them how deep the meaning is.  May you be blessed by the ministry of Kate Carpenter as my students and I have been."

Cindy Sheats Rezkalla, Teacher

"Holy Cross Lutheran Academy would like to thank you for presenting such a wonderful program to our children in honor of Earth Day.  Your energy and enthusiasm were truly infectious!  Every age group was totally engaged, as the teachers became as involved as the children in the songs and actions.  The positive message of your songs, along with the easy-to-learn lyrics had the children humming and singing for weeks afterward.  Everyone is looking forward to the return of Mrs. Kate."

                                                                                                                                       Betty Hoyer, Director of Education, Holy Cross Lutheran       Academy, Sanford, FL

"It is indeed my pleasure to provide this letter of recommendation for Mrs. Kate Carpenter.  Kate's recent performance here at Holy Spirit was a big hit with out elementary age students and the parents who were present.  Kate is a very talented musician, songwriter and storyteller.  Of particular note is the manner in which Mrs. Kate interjects the teachings of our Lord into her performance.  She was very effective in reminding the children about their many blessings, their responsibility to love and serve others, and their role of obedience toward the adults in authority over them.  Her 12 years of Catholic education are very evident in her words and music.  She sang songs that taught about the beautiful state of Florida and its many natural resources.  She sang about keeping a positive and thankful attitude each day, and using proper school behavior.  Kate kept the children's interest throughout her entire enthusiastic performance."

                                                                                                    Dr. John A. Luciano, Principal, Holy Spirit Catholic School, Jacksonville, FL

"Our students were fascinated and delighted by the "Motivate with Mrs. Kate" show.  She had them singing, dancing and jumping all over the gym.  Mrs. Kate's storytelling and wonderful songs were enjoyed not just by our students but our teachers too.  Our teachers felt that the positive messages she brought to life for our students through her stories and songs were outstanding."

                                                                                                                                                              Kerry Brophy, San Jose Catholic School

"My boys have been singing your songs since they got in the van to come home from Lake Swan Camp.  My son brendan got home ad immediately went on the computer to let me listen to his favorite song, Send Me, Lord.  He totally felt the Holy Spirit this week and told me that the Lord moved in his life and confirmed his call towards missions.  Thank you for an amazing week for my three sons."

Lisa Engel, Florida

"We enjoyed your visit immensely.  I overheard a few our teachers comment, “She was not too serious, not too silly, just right!”  Everyone had a great time!"

 Dewey Rykard II, Principal, Epiphany Lutheran School, Tallahassee, FL

"The kids are still raving about you!  We have played your songs in Chapel, as well.  They love it!!!"

Julie Cribb, Music Teacher, Baymeadows Christian Academy

"The children were thrilled and touched with your songs and ministry."

 Libby Boyes, Teacher, Alliance Academy International, Quito, Ecuador

"We really did appreciate your time and energy here, the kids are still singing the songs and saying the verses."

Marge Smalley, Grace International School, Chiang Mai, Thailand

"After seeing you at the conference in Palm Coast , I fell in love with your music. I work at a Christian day school and I love the messages you send through your songs. We dedicated a whole week of our VPK class to Hug-a-Bug-a-Boo. I wasn't sure of all the movements in your song so we made up our own. When we sang "snug as a bug in a rug," we rolled our fingers like we were rolling in a rug. At the end of the week we made a craft , using pipe cleaners (cut down to about a inch in length) and a little square piece of felt. We glued little eyes on our pipe cleaner bugs and rolled them in our felt carpet snug as a bug in a rug :) Thought I would share!"

                                                                                                                     Joan Binder, Palm Coast, FL









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