The Carpenter Family Christmas Poem – 2019


We’re out here in the desert

Not a Christmas tree in sight

Boofer holds a cardboard wreath,

A ring of shining lights.

It’s raining on the cactus

And Bounder’s getting wet

Not our normal Christmas…

Could it be our best one yet?

For though we’re not at home

Porch Swing Place is far away

We’ve got this year of travel

And adventures every day.

Each morning we wake up

Declare His mercies ever new

A Christmas gift from God

Great things to see and do.

We hit the trail and search

For the creatures and the flowers

Tim’s been taking pictures

And we chronicle the hours

Spent in learning and discovering

This amazing land we treasure.

You can find it all on Facebook

Presented for your pleasure.

And the people that we’ve met

Have enriched our lives and shown

Us no matter where we’re camped,

Love can find a home

Where songs are shared

And stories told

Prayers prayed for each one

Each day an opportunity

Reflecting God the Son.

No matter where we find ourselves

There’s always folks so needy

May we always reach out lovingly

And cancel out the greedy.

So from our mobile residence

To yours through cyberspace

We celebrate the King

And hope you will embrace

The love of Jesus Christ

That blooms in desert sands

In purple mountain majesties

And loving human hands.

Merry Christmas, friend!

May Jesus fill you to the brim!

Here comes your hug-a-bug-a-boo!

From Mrs. Kate and Pastor Tim.


Note:  Boofer is a blue rubber bunny, our family mascot.

Bounder is the name of our RV.

© 2013 Copyright Kate Carpenter 

All Rights Reserved